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Look who is defending secularism?

The communist record in strangling democracy is breathtaking
Nilotpal Basu (the Central Secretariat member of the CPM) makes a case for secularism and democracy in his article -- Saving Secularism -- in Deccan Herald dated March 21, 2008. The article is full of gross distortions, which is a common Communist characteristic and needs to be countered. Here is a point-by-point rebuttal with quotes from the original article.
Basu says: “The RSS recognizes the CPM as a major bulwark against its fascistic and communal machinations”.
The RSS is neither fascistic nor communal and thee is no question of recognizing CPM as a major bulwark. In fact, it is the Communists who are closer to fascism if you consider the Wikipedia definition of fascism as an “authoritarian, political ideology (generally tied to mass movement) that considers the individual subordinate to the interests of the state, party or society as a whole.”
Remember Stalin’s large-scale massacre where the victims can be counted in crores. Communists have little regard for democracy as it considers democracy as a “capitalistic” structure. For the Communists, the individuals are indeed subordinate to the State and are just canon fodders for bloody revolution. Even in India, it is no different, if you consider Nandigram and Marad. Regarding RSS, it is a socio-cultural organization that aims at producing men of character in service of the nation and is dedicated to organize the Hindu society.
Basu says: “Unprecedented as it was the CPM headquarters in New Delhi was attacked by the (RSS) goons. They came unannounced and… started pelting stones…”
This is yet another gross distortion. In order to protest agasint the increasing violence against RSS memebs in Kannur district of Kerala, some members of the RSS and other organizations including a large number of women spontaneously marched in a peaceful manner to the CPM headquarters in Dlehi. Betraying their Nandigram style intolerance, the CPM cadres repeated what they have been doing in Kannur – attached the peaceful demonstrators with brickbats and chairs – resulting in unfortunate violence on the Delhi streets.
Basu says: Given the inherent nature of this combine (Sangh Parivar), the importance of keeping constant vigil against them was a prerequisite for safeguarding democracy in the country”
Coming from Communists, this is laughable indeed. The Communist record in throttling democracy is certainly breathtaking. I wonder which Communism Basu is following. If it is not Marxist, it is for him to give the clarification. Communists always believe in the “haves vs have-not” dichotomy and their aversion to democracy is legendary and their role in subversion of democracy has been proved by KGB and Mitrokhin archives.
Basu says: “Therefore, though not yet physically present in a big way in North India and some other parts of the country, the RSS correctly recognized the CPM as a major bulwark against its fascistic and communal machinations”.
This argument is truly pathetic. The Communists are reduced to just two states in the entire nation. Their presence is nil in other parts of the country. Despite this they are having an unholy alliance with the Congress party in pursuit of power. Besides, there are no fascistic or communal machinations, which Basu imagines.
Basu says: “Kannur violence was just a smokescreen. Because in Kannur, as well as in Kerala, since the assumption of the LDF in office, about 13 leaders and activists of the CPM have been killed in an attempt at targeted individual eliminations. Only when faced with resistance in Kannur they are trying to cry hoarse.”
Regarding Kannur, the less said the better. Unable to tolerate the growing strength of RSS, the CPM resorted to murder politics since 1969. More than 60 swayamsewaks have been killed in this district so far. In the whole of Kerala, 192 have been killed so far. It is noteworthy that the Kerala judiciary has, on several occasions, reprimanded the State Police for not preventing such human right abuses by the CPM cadres in Kannur. Particularly scathing were the observations of the Kerala High Court, which openly said that only the presence of central forces could restore normalcy in the region.
Basu says: “But the battle of democracy against fascism – of peace against violence of the type that RSS/BJP wants to perpetrate – and harmony and amity against communal hatred that the Sangh spews will carry on.”
Look who is defending democracy? It is the height of paradox. The Communists have a track record of authoritarianism. USSR has long collapsed while Chain practices totalitarianism. Democracy in Kerala and West Bengal has been reduced to a farce as the Communist party does scientific rigging and political murders to stay in power. As for protecting secularism and preventing communal hatred, Basu would do well to remember that the RSS believes in Sarva Dharma Samabhava (respect for all religions). There is no threat to secularism and democracy from RSS.
On the contrary, it is the atheistic Communists who are a threat to democracy and secularism. Remember the Communist antipathy to religion as the opium of the masses. Religious freedom and secularism are anathema to Communists. Anyway, the Communists are now totally isolated. They have been reduced to just two states in the entire nation. At this rate, only God can save the Communists. Even that is not possible because the Communists do not believe in God.

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