Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My own website --

Now my blog has moved to my own website.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Idiot Deepak Kamat own website got blocked by Indian Government due to posting false information and created violence in the name of religion. Also for using abusive words on Leaders, Saints & other Religion Preachers.

Currently he has absconded and the police are searching of him to arrest.

Deepak Kamat said...

Cheap propaganda by anti-Hindu forces.

Anonymous said...

Very good informative blog.
Hindu name is given by foreiners to people living near Sindhu river. Please note that Hindu means LOCAL, people of Sindhu valley. As you know most of Sanatan (Hindu) Dharm follower live away from Sindu valley.
Sanatan means universal, was the actual name of theology followed by people living in Bharat (India).
As you know Bharat means seekers of Light/Knowledge. (Bha=Light/Knowledge) & rata= Seeker/Devoted).

Similarly Putting India in Bracket, Bharatia people of Bharat are always devoted to the Creator and ultimate truth. Our prays also, Astoma Sat gamay,...).

So why not use Sanatan (Hindu), putting Hindu in bracket, until people become familiar with meaning of Sanatan & similarly Bharat (India.

Keep up the good work.