Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Communal Seduction in Secular India

What is disorienting is the open call by Mullahs to the faithful to abduct women of other faiths!
The most obnoxious feature of Islam is the open call to its member to abduct women from other faiths to increase their numbers. For instance, the Mullahs in UK openly exhorted the Muslim youths to seduce, entrap and convert Sikh women to Islam. The Muslim youths -- it is said -- were also rewarded in terms of 10,000 pounds for converting a single Sikh woman.
This obviously is a stark remainder of jehadi days where the strategy was to kill the men and take the women. However, with times, the jehadis have changed and the present strategy is to seduce.
The foxy jehadis know that the modern women from other faiths are least obsessed with religion, brainwashed as they are by secularism, multiculturalism and humanism. So the strategy is to seduce them with wealth and wine, entrap them and finally force them to convert.
Now this strategy is not just reduced to Sikhs and Hindus. Even Princess Di was no exception. There were deeper conspiracy theories that Dodi planned to foist his yet-to-be-born son on the British throne. The British Intelligence which sensed the danger of the situation finished the story in a planned car accident. If this be the case with the Princess -- who was seduced by Muslim men well within the security reach of the Palace, then God save the plane Janes.
Anything connected with sex is no doubt secular. However, it becomes a touchy issue when it comes to inter-community faith.
Consider secularism in India. Akbar’s Hindu wives are a proof of his secularism. Sultan’s harems filled with Hindu women are also proofs of their broadmindedness. What they do not factor is that these women were taken at sword point, they were subject to harassment and conversion.
Even today, the same harem mentality continues. Take the case of the murder of Rizwan-ul-Reheman following his marriage to a Hindu girl, Priyanka Todi. The case is still under investigation.
Rizwan Ul Reheman had promised to convert to Hinduism and that perhaps led to his killing. Now seduction is secular and there can be no faulting there.
However, it is a question of honor for any Hindu or for that matter any white man who would have quite a heart burn if he sees a white woman with a black man.
There is also the question of secularism. God is one and all religions are the same. The Hindu girls are taught. So they find it a convenient excuse to elope with Muslim men..
Babu Bajrangi -- who has made a living saving Hindu girls eloping with Muslim men – in an interview to Outlook had remarked that saving a Hindu woman from Muslim is a million times more virtuous than saving a cow.
In India, women and cow are holy issues. Land, Women and Wealth are a cause for all disputes. The easiest way to insult a man is to either insult his God, take away his woman (wife, daughter or sister). This is exactly what the minorities specialize at.
It is not that seduction is unknown to Hindus who also happen to be the author of Kamasutra. But Hindu seduction is secular. Muslim seduction is communal. In that the married woman becomes a breeding cow in the demography game.
Rather than wait for those naïve girls and women to elope, it is better to tell them about the facts. Inform them about the cruelties involved. Ask her whether she is willing to be a willing breeding cow in the service of a medieval faith.
These days, the film industry (especially bollywood) also preach the values of secular love over narrow communal consideration. Muslim men take advantages of the liberals secularism to hoodwink naïve Hindu girls who are anyway reeling under the impact of increased testerstones.
Consider also how much hue and cry a Muslim man raises when a Hindu man flicks a Muslim girl. The film Bombay created a ruckus when it showed a Muslim girl eloping with a Hindu man. However, films like Jodhaa Akbar -- which is a distortion of history -- portrays Akbar as genuine and subtly encourages women of other faiths to consider inter-religious marriages. Such movies are canon fodder for jehadis.
For the west, sex is just like a sneeze. It is a release from the other end. But in India, virginity is equated with family honour. Deflowering a virgin from the other community is sufficient to spark a communal riot. Muslims do it all the time and they have it coming towards them.
Hindu girls should also be taught the values of Hinduism, which are quite modern and secular. In fact, it is eternal. The secularism of Sarva Dharma Samabhava (all religions are equal) should be done away with. Will she eat beef? Will she spend her entire life in purdah? Ask her? Educate her on the dangers of Muslim ways. Will she end up in a brothel? Educate her on these aspects – not on Sarva Dharma Samabhava and the docile secularism of the liberal society. It is better to do so before she elopes.
After all Mullahs exhort the true Muslims to flick women from other communities. Don’t they? Finally, I have never seen a single secularist who is happy to see his sister or daughter elope with a Muslim man? If you have, do tell me?


ashwani said...

Two biggest seculars were Gandhi and Nehru.Both lost thier children to sullas.Gandhi lost his son Hira Lal who converted to muslim,and Nehru lost her daughter Indira to marry Feroz Shah. They were beievers of serve dharm sembhave.Gandhi was Hindu but Nehru was not.Nehru and Abdul Shiekh of Kashmir were brothers.Read the book by Mr. A.Ghosh of America.That is why Nehru arrested King of Jammu-Kashmir, Hari Singh and pushed him to Munbai,and put Sheikh Abdullah as PM/CM of J&K. And futher on Shiekh Abdulla's demand Nehru created Article 370 with many spl privelges for J&K. I consider both these persons as Hindu-Drohees.They proved to be more dangerous to India than even muslim league.


You are right Ashwani. While Gandhi was deluded in Hindu-Muslim unity, Nehru was deluded in modernism.

Taufiq Ahmad Ansari said...


Its an absolute dishonour shown towards a woman in your article by comparing her to an breeding animal.

Let me tell you hardly anyone of young generation of muslims listen to Jehadi Mullahs and Maulwis , although I do agree that stealing woman is always been in mind of Mullah - Maulwis. But if you consider examples of inter religious marriages , the muslim husband treats their wife nicely , they honour her as a person and please! her status is not of a breeding cow. Today hardly any muslim man can afford to have 4 wives and pack of children , so turning a woman in to "breeding machine" is most unlikely.

Saying that muslim men fool hindu woman and sell them in brothel is
outrageous comment. I would like to bring in to your notice that recently a documentary was shown by NDTV they shown that hindu men in Mumbai act as Pimp of bangladeshi girls. Now this is definately worse than that you have mentioned.
I hope you would take my post in right spirit. No offence meant.
Thanks & Reagards


Sure Taufiq,

There are various dimensions in exploitation of women.

The Jehadi angle is one of them. Of course, there are various other factors.

But this problem is very much there. Though I don't know exactly what percentage of Muslim youths practice Jehad?

aparna said...

o mi god! this is disgusting and kinda funny too.

as far as i know (lving in US) i think muslim guys on average seem to have this masculine nature. not to mention they are usually hot. i know a lot of hindu/sikh girls hook up with them but mostly its a casual affair. most girls here are educated and can make their decisions and dont want to upset their families by marrying a muslim boy.

but i think i have an awareness of this problem because some muslim men must be taking advantage of their seducing abilities to persuade dumb and innocent hindu/sikh girls to convert.

Anonymous said...

find the anti love jihad proofs from islamic scriptures

Qur aan, 2.221. Do not marry
Unbelieving women (idolaters),
Until they believe:
A slave woman who believes
Is better than an unbelieving woman,
Even though she allure you.
Nor marry (your girls)
To unbelievers until
They believe:
A man slave who believes
Is better than an unbeliever,
Even though he allure you.
Unbelievers do (but)
Beckon you to the Fire.
But God beckons by His Grace
To the Garden (of Bliss)
And forgiveness,
And makes His Signs
Clear to mankind:
That they may
Celebrate His praise.

sahih al bhukhari
Volume 7, Book 62, Number 8:

Narrated 'Umar bin Al-Khattab:

The Prophet said, "The rewards (of deeds) are according to the intention, and everybody will get the reward for what he has intended. So whoever emigrated for Allah's and His Apostle's sake, his emigration was for Allah and His Apostle; and whoever emigrated for worldly benefits, or to marry a woman, then his emigration was for the thing for what he emigrated for." (1)