Saturday, February 23, 2008

When two roads diverge: Voice of India vs RSS

In any movement, there are conflicts between men of ideas and men of action. You may call it as a combat between idealism and real politik.
Hindu nationalism is no different in this regard. Currently, there are two trends in the movement. One is the intellectual movement with Voice of India as its vanguard and the other is the massive organization of the ubiquitous Sangh Parivar with its vast reach in all sectors from politics to religion and from labour to students wing.
In fact, the clash between men of ideas and men of action is not a new phenomenon in Hindu nationalism. Even in the initial days, V.D. Savarkar and K.B. Hedgewar had differences in their approach. While Hedgewar considered Savarkar too intellectual and less practical, Savarkar did not repose much faith in Dr. Hedgewar’s plans.
The Sangh Parivar views the Voice of India polemics as rash while the Voice of India views the Sangh Parivar as ineffective in implementation of its idea despite the large size of the organization.
Voice of India published a book – Time for Stock Taking – Whither Sangh Parivar – that was a virtual chargesheet against the Sangh Parivar for its failures on many fronts. The basic crux of the allegation is that the Sangh Parivar has taken jargons like Sarva Dharma Samabhava too seriously and has not done enough to expose the dangers of Islamic jihad. The Sangh Parivar’s efforts to bring Muslims into the national mainstream are ridiculed as a “secular influence”.
The Sangh Parivar’s failure to implement its ideologies despite having its own government at power is also mentioned. They have also been targeted for ignoring the four demands of Hindu society – construction of Ram Temple, implementation of Uniform Civil Code, Abrogation of article 370 and scrapping of the Haj Funds.
On the other hand, the Sangh Parivar views Voice of India as being too intellectual and less practical. Managing the multidimensional movement is surely a tough job. Notwithstanding the charges, it must be said that Voice of India has created a group of elite intellectual Hindus who are bent on disseminating their ideologies through any means.
Meanwhile, the Sangh Parivar continues with its task of organization which is a slow process given the vastness and the conservative nature of Hindu society.
To those who are new to these jargons, Voice of India is a publishing house founded by Late Sitaram Goel, an ex-Communist. However, he became a staunch Hindu after meeting his ‘Guru” Ram Swarup and began exposing the machinations of Indian secularists, historians and politicians through his sharp, acerbic and polemical pen. He also inspired a legion of writers to write along the line.
His acidic writing in The Organiser drew the attention of the RSS top brass who did not approve his write-ups although they contained the bitter truth. He started his own publishing house and began exposing leftists and the enemies of the Hindu society in his own inimitable manner.

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Silent said...

Sita Ram Goel Ji has been one of the best historians and fighters that we have had in the last century.