Sunday, February 17, 2008

Santa and intellectual poverty of Hindu Society

So long as Hindus continue in their intellectual poverty, they will continue to be exploited.

As a child you are told fairy tales about Santa Claus or for that matter some other gods or deities. You believe in them. As you grow up, you realize the reality and forget them. Is it not?

What happens if you don’t? There are several cases where people live in fantasyland throughout their lives due to intellectual poverty.
The same is true about Hindu society. I am referring to the consistent attacks on it by Islam and Christianity. Despite these humiliating intolerant aggression, the average Hindu still believes in the silly old jargon of Sarva Dharma Samabhava (All religions are the same) and Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadami (There is one Truth and the wise tell it by so many name). These jargons are fit for kids. The grown up should realize the hypocrisy of other religionists. But some people never grow up.

The plain truth is that all religions are not the same. While Hinduism is tolerant, Christianity and Islam are intolerant. Hinduism is broadminded while the other two are closed and fanatic. But tell this to an average Hindu, he will stick to the jargon of secularism. The average Hindu is richly fed on a diet provided by the pseudo-secular media and even the Hindu organizations – which were supposed to lead them out of its stupor – are taking the poor Hindus for a ride.

I once asked a high ranking leader in a Hindu organization why they still held aloft the jargon of Sarva Dharma Samabhava. I was told that the intellectual poverty of Hindu society could not be removed overnight and it was better if they could use it to their advantage.
When will Hindu society wake up from its stupor? When I asked this question to several other Hindu activists, all they told me was that deep sleep required a rude awakening. I wonder how many more fidayeen attacks are needed before the Hindu society wakes up from its intellectual poverty.

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sarvasti said...

tum apni book hindi me likh aur bakhi baratiya bhaashao me anuvaad karva. tu kyu english ko aur shakti deta hai. tum kitna bi english me chillao. koi sunega nahi.
tum english ka istmaal karte ho woh log isi ko sabse bada saboot ki tarah pesh karegi ki woh hamse bahtar hai.