Thursday, February 21, 2008

Indian English media and selective amnesia

Hindu genocides are ignored while others are exaggerated
Chauvinism, revivalism, obscurantism, Hindu backlash, Hindu fundamentalism and plain insanity? This is the way the Indian media describes Hindu nationalists.
The hypocricy of academic sophistry is matched by double standards of the Indian elite. There is a moral and intellectual degeneration when it expresses solicitous concern for minorities. No fear of the Press Council, no respect for the majority sentiments, no shame in voicing undemocratic views – the aim is undiluted appeasement of segments which have taken advantage of the assymitrical secularism in India.

The real problem is that those in the Indian media are dimwits and are suckers for the propaganda of the Mullah-Padre-Comrade-Corporate brigade.
Let us analyse the way the English media in India covered a major event in the post-independent India – the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Kashmir. More than three lakh Kashmiri Hindu pandits were driven out of their homeland by Islamic militants and were forced to live in refugee camps under inhuman conditions. This tragedy was practically ignored because the victims happened to be Hindus. However, a communal riot that took place in Gujarat (involving a thousand death to the maximum) was internationalized as a case of State failure all because most of the victims happened to be Muslims. There you are – Hindu genocides can be ignored as the media has a secular licence.
The matter did not end here. The media and its cohorts demanded the arrest of the democratically elected Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi under international laws. This only showed their lack of faith in the Indian faith and their transnational loyalties. Of course, the case was ignored but the secular howls did have its ramification as the Gujarat Chief Minister was denied a visa to USA.
When Narendra Modi was given a thumping majority by the electorate, the mainstream English media sneered stating that he cannot travel to the US on a valid visa. Their contempt of democracy was evident.
Islamic rampage in the media: There were several other instances. When The Hindu published a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed, their office was ransacked. All that the newspaper did was to come out with a front apology. However, the same apology was not forthcoming in the case of insult to Hindu deities.But it seems that the Hindus have taken a cue from their jehadi counterparts. The latest that took place was in the case of M F Hussain – who is given to insulting Hindu faith by depicting Hindu deities nude on the pretext of artistic licence. However his artistic licence does not come in the domain of Islam as his Islamic figures are fully clothed. When the NDTV news channel nominated M F Hussain for Bharat Ratna – the highest civilian honour in India – the NDTV office in Ahmedabad was ransacked. Atleast the Gujarati Hindus have realized that the only way to silence the English language media is to attack in an Islamic manner.

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arey pinku pahle tum hindi ya kisi aur baaratiya bhaasha me bolna shuru kar. tum ko kyaa lag ta hai ye log sachayi ki baare me (care) soch rakte hai. hum kitna bi chillaye, kuch bhi sabut dikaye ye hum ko phir bi aise hi aakh dikaayenge. ek hi hal he iska. hame english ko chodna chahiye. kyu ki jaise vaali ko apna shatru kaa aadha bal milta ta usse saamne se ladne se. isi tarah inko bal milega jab hum english ki istmaal karenge. hindi aur bharatiya bhaashao ki itna srujan karo ki har koyi apne matru baasha ki aur akarshit ho aur english sanskruti ya vikruti ko chod de. ye sab rss , vhp, se baat banegi nahin. hame swadesi apnaana chahiye. aur koob prachar karna chahiya woh bhi bahut chaalaki se.