Friday, February 29, 2008

Zen and the art of Hindu nationalism

It has become a cliché. The four enemies of Hindutva – the Hindu equivalent of Zionism -- are Islam, Christianity, Communism and capitalism and not necessarily in that order.
Notwithstanding the cliché, it has to be repeated that these indeed form the crux of the problem. There is no way you can escape these dreaded ideologies anywhere in the world.
Regarding Islam, Christianity and Communism, the less said the better. Epics can be written about their genocides. However, capitalism is a silent killer. It is reflected in its side-effects of war, poverty, suicide and abject penury.
The recent war on Iraq was just a side effect of capitalism. Remember the oil for food scheme.Anyway, it is no more a secret to say that we are living in the age of bubble economy. The US Federal Reserve has printed the greenbacks to such an extent that it might well pass as tissue papers in the days to come. The dollar crisis is not a silly conspiracy theory. It is for real and globalization could go for a six despite the heroic efforts of Euro to reinvent itself.
Anyway, these are the Zen lines for the Hindus.
Vote En bloc, Protest en masse
This is what the Jehadis do

Increase numbers, Infiltrate Institutes
Rig the mediaThis is what the Padres do

Ly, slander and character assassinate
This is what Comrades do

Grease palms, Lobby more
This is what Corporates do

Two eye for an eye, A jaw for a tooth
This is what kshatriyas should do

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