Monday, February 18, 2008

After Christian Tirupati, it is now Islamic Hampi

Now it is the turn of Muslims to convert ruined Temples into dargas.

When the whole of South India was overrun by the Muslim invasion, Hinduism was at stake during 13-14 century AD. At this juncture, Vijayanagara Empire with its capital at Hampi was established in 1336 AD with the sole aim of protecting Hinduism. “But for Vijayanagar, Hinduism would have been reduced to a shadow and a mockery” says Dr. P B Desai, a famous historian.
Paes, a contemporary visitor described Hampi as “the best provided city in the world”, and mentioned that it was “as big as Rome”. Abdul Razzak (1443 A.D) says that it was a city “such that eyes have not seen or ear heard, of any place resembling it upon the earth”. With the fall of Vijayanagar Empire, Hampi was completely destroyed by Muslims in 1565 AD. The area is now full of Temple ruins, defaced idols, fort walls etc.
Hampi is now a world famous tourist centre with a rich cultural background. Situated on the bank of Tungabhadra River, it is the abode of the Lord Virupaksheshwara, the presiding deity of the area, which attracts thousands of devotees. During the historical period, Virupaksha was considered almighty wherein no human king or ruler had any power.
The Unesco has recognised it as a great historical place and has listed it under the World Heritage Series. It is even now a place of pilgrimage visited by thousands of devotees everyday.
Such an area is now wantonly defaced by Muslims; a repetition of what was done in 1565 AD. Many ruined Temples have been converted into Dargas. The Eeranna or Virabhadras Temple near the holy Purandara Mantap has been convered into Honnursabi Darga. The Santana Naga Temple is now Sayyad Bagdad Shah Darga. More than fifty Dargas have appeared in Hanumapada valley. Besides Muslims have begun to perform Namaz illegally in places like Hajara Rama Temple and Maranavami Dibba.

Besides thousands of Hippies who flock to Hampi have converted Hampi into a place of amusement and sexual activities. Liquor and other intoxicating materials are for sale in the area. The resorts cater to their needs. In this area, a Kashmir Muslim youth had a sexual union with a cow a few years ago. The Yoga Bhumi of Hampi has been converted into Bhoga Bhumi by these elements.
Neither the Hampi World Heritage Management authority nor the Deputy Commissioner have taken any action to stop such illegal, immoral activities in a sacred place like Hampi.