Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mother Teresa, reforms and Terrorists

Church is a MNC with Pope as its CEO after all poverty is big business
Poverty is bad enough and when somebody is making money out of poverty, it isn not just bad it is abominable. Our noble missionaries are doing just that. Christian missionaries have two faces in India. One is represented by the likes Mother Theresa who have made big business out of poverty. The other thrives on terrorism. Remember that the North East is dominated by the Christian missionaries who went there on the pretext of tribal reforms. Both have hoodwinked the naïve Hindus to part with their money to further their own fraudulent schemes.
Christopher Hitchins on the fraudulent enterprise of Mother Theresa: There are many Indians who object to the image of their society and its people that is projected. From Mother Teresa and from her fans you would receive the impression that in Calcutta there is nothing but torpor, squalor, and misery, and people barely have the energy to brush the flies from their eyes while extending a begging bowl. Really and truly that is a slander on a fantastically interesting, brave, highly evolved, and cultured city, which has universities, film schools, theaters, book shops, literary cafes, and very vibrant politics. There is indeed a terrible problem of poverty and overcrowding, but despite that there isn't all that much mendicancy. People do not tug at your sleeve and beg. They are proud of the fact that they don't. The sources of Calcutta's woes and miseries are the very overpopulation that the church says is no problem, and the mass influx of refugees from neighboring regions that have been devastated by religious and sectarian warfare in the name of God. So those who are believers owe Calcutta big time, they should indeed be working to alleviate what they are responsible for. But the pretense that they are doing so is a big fraud.
Indeed Mother Teresa gave India a bad name. The missionaries who come to India on the pretext of service are busy engaging in questionable proselytisation activities.

Check out this incident: An Australian missionary – Graham Staines – was killed in a tribal rage in Orissa by Dara Singh after Staines indulged in denigration of idols held sacred by the tribals. Arun Shourie in his book – Harvesting our Souls – had mentioned that Staines had a hand gun with him at the time of his death and he was not a saint as made out to be. He also had a criminal background in his own country. However, all these were not covered by the Indian media which tarnished India’s reputation by stating that ugly Hindu fundamentalists had burnt to death a poor honest missionary – who was serving tribal deep in the jungle.

Or check another incident when four RSS workers were kidnapped by the NLFT in Tripura. The NLFT was backed by the Presbeterian Church. The RSS refused to pay and the four social workers were put to death.. The Church wields enormous powers in India disproporationate to its percentage of population.

It has the largest chain of education and health care institutions. This was largely because of the largesse dished out to it by the colonial regime before they quit in 1947. Later, they were given additional help through the minority appeasement schemes of the successive Indian Governments..

As Hitchins say most of the guilt-ridden Westerners pay the Church assuming that they are doing noble work in India. However, in India all that they do is mindless proselytisation and emotional blackmail. The ulterior motive is obvious. Education and healthcare are the means to proselytisation.
Finally, an incident occurred when a scribe asked Mother Theresa whether she supported the Church in the Galileo case. The Mother did not bat an eyelid to say that she supported the Church. Obviously, she was a pawn in the hands of the Church.
The Church lobby awarded her the Noble Prize and gave India a bad name as one wretched in poverty. Its dignity was ignored. The missionary report was aptly described as “Gutter Inspector’s Report” by Mahatma Gandhi way back when Catherine Mayo published her work Mother India describing only its negative.
Crypto Christian: Finally, there is a category of Christian in India who retain their original Hindu names despite their conversions. It is said that they do so to convert other unsuspecting Hindus as well as curry favours from their Western bosses. After all, the remote control behind the Indian Prime Minister is an Italian.

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