Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The United Colours of Mullah, Padre, Comrade and Corporates in India

How they undermine Hindu interests
Now Mullahs are always breathing down padre’s neck and the sermon mongering padres are always suspicious and scared of the ever-shrieking and ranting Mullahs. Comrades are always ranting about capitalist exploitation while the Corporates are busy trying to keep unions and frustrated elements at bay. In the same manner, none of these four internationalists are on chummy terms.

However, in India, you see a collusion of interests. All the four are hand in glove with each other. The answer is simple. Their target audience is the uninformed Hindu wallowing in intellectual and in some cases even physical poverty.

The Islamic lobby has never been shy on its goals of Dar-ul-Islam. The Pope had misused his hospitality in India when he had targeted the land for harvesting his souls. The comrades have always declared the allegiance for their fatherlands – which now do not exist – and have reserved it for their revolution while the Corporates see an excellent opportunity to grab the nation’s massive resources.

The only spanner in the wheel is the Hindu. That is why the Hindu is enemy number one among these elements. He is kafir for the Muslims and fit to be either killed or converted. He is heathen for the Christian and should be converted lest he goes to hell. He is the bourgeoise for the Communists and should be overthrown in a revolution. He is an underconsuming market for the Corporates. Which is why Corporates aims at the teeming market and in the process undermines Hindu culture through festivals like Valentine Days or the organization of herd beauty contests like the Miss World.

Besides, there is collusion of interests. Even if Christian-Muslim clashes take place, Hindus are blamed. For instance when a Church blast took place, everybody including the Christians, Muslims, Left and the Media blamed the Hindu fundamentalists until investigations revealed that the explosions had been triggered by Deendar Anjuman – a Muslim body.

There are also cases of cross funding. For instance, MNCs like Colgate Palmolive reserves a part of profits for CSR which are given to NGOs backed by the Christians. Enemies elsewhere, but united in India, that’s the way it is. All that can be said is, hindus beware.

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