Monday, February 25, 2008

From Jaichand to Sachar – The History of Hindu traitors

Why Hindus are their own enemy
The reasons are not far to seek. Why is it that the great Bharatvarsh with a fount of wisdom and brave warriors succumb to foreign invaders? Why is it that the land -- where milk and honey flowed like Himalayan delight – was subject to abject penury.
If you check out the history of Bharatvarsh, you will see a history of backbiting. When Muhammed bin Qasim attacked Dahir of Sindh, it was Dahir’s astrologers who deserted him stating that they had come to know from their knowledge of astronomy that Sindh will be taken over by Muslims. Besides, they did not remain silent. These astrologers joined hands with the Muslim invaders to facilitate their first intrusion in Bharatvarsh after defeating Dahir –who was beheaded in the war.
The next famous case was that of Jaichand and Prithivraj Chauhan. Jaichand joined hands with Ghori to ensure Chauhan’s defeat. The list goes on. What is interesting is that the Hindu traitors were also betrayed by the foreign invaders. The lessons of history cannot be missed.
Even today, the greatest enemy of the Hindu society is the Hindu himself who makes it easier for the enemies to have a foothold in the society.
Today’s traitors are no doubt the secularists and the human right brigade. These worthies are ultra-sensitive to their foreign bosses and sneeze when the Mullah-Padre-Comrade-Corporate brigade catches a cold.
Sadhvi Rithamabara’s story which enthralled angry Hindus rings true: During the war between the 10th Sikh Guru Guru Gobind Singh and the Mughal King Aurangazeb, there were thousands of bodies lying in the battlefield. The Guru told his aide to burn the Hindu body and bury the Muslim body. However, this aide of the Guru, could not identify the religion of the bodies, so he decided to give all the bodies a mass cremation.
When the Guru came to know of this, he is said to have remarked. We never know if it is true, but the Guru’s message was interesting. Now the Muslims who have been cremated will be reborn in Hindu houses and will continue to undermine Hindu interests.
The message is obvious. These secularists, media persons and human rightwallahs were those dead Muslims who were burned along with Hindu bodies. They are now reborn with Hindu names and Hindu households. Despite this, they continue to work against Hindu interests and help their enemy in destabilizing Hindu society.
The list of Hindu traitors is huge. For the list, perhaps, you have to read the book – India is for sale – by Chitra Subramaniam. Of course, the ever shrieking Teesta Setalvad, Prannoy Roy, Arundatti Roy, Rajdeep Sardesai, Khushwant Singh, Kuldeep Nayyar and Mani Shankar Aiyer are in the top 100 if not the top 10.
The last and the most prominent Hindu traitors happens to be Rajendra Sachar. The Rajendra Sachar report advocates reservations for Muslims in all walks of life claiming that they are being victimized in India. It must be reported that a similar such report had been tabled in the early 19th century – the Hunter’s Report. This report had encouraged Muslims to divide India into two parts. The Sachar Report has become grist to the Muslim mills to divide the nation further. He is the latest Hindu traitor to join the list. Any doubts? As for the human rights brigade, they are very much concerned with terrorists’ right rather than civilian rights. Shedding tears for terrorists come naturally for them. No wonder, they are the same Muslim bodies reincarnating in Hindu households.


u said...

Both proponents and opponents of Hindu nationalism would do well to read Veer Savarkar's views on Hindutva and Hindu nationalism. I recently came across a useful website on Veer Savarkar. Worth visiting.
S Godbole


Thank u Sir.

Anonymous said...

Deepak Kamat,
What terror are you creating ??
What a stupid superstitious beleiver are you!!!

Because Gobind Singh burried these muslims, they were born as hindu traitors...

Who are those Maoists terrorists who were caught with 875 rockets aimed at killing innocent human beings ?

ULFA, conducted 749 confirmed attacks in 16yrs. who are these hindu terrorist ??

LTTE, block buster sucide bombers. what about these hindu terrorists??

Adhvani,No.1 acquist in Babri Masjid demolision. what about this leading terrorist ???

Modi, the terrorist hindu nationalist, acquist of riot in Gujarat. who is he ?

Vallabai Patel,the separatist who divided India into two countries. Which religion does he belong to ??

Narasinha Roa, the Hitler of India, who watched Hindu-Muslim fighting in his period ??

Where in Islam it is said that Kill innocents ???where in Quran ??

It is never said in any religious scriptures.

Because these above mentioned hindus do this terrorism, will it become Hinduism ?? No!!

Nowhere in religious scriptures you can find that.

Stop destroying the Hindu-Muslim unity by spreading loose message.

Peace upon you.

Anonymous said...

Great writings, its high time we ride our glorious country of these pests, Islams only future is in the dustbins - a useless so called religion that deserves to be eradicated.

akbari said...

It is absurd and intellectually immoral to draw conclusions in terms of groups formed on any basis to propogate one's own mind set or ideologies.

Extending the logic of the author, astrologers should be the first group of anti Hindus.

You can make other choices.

How, about Sindhis vs ... (I don't know who).
Chauhan's vs Gori's
Secularist's vs Hindus

To extend the logic further if there is any observation by a hindu, even if correct, but that does not fit the "hindu" idea, he too would be a traitor. So much for Satyameva Jayate!

Extend it further.
Will you conclude that Lord Ram is an anti feminist?. Or against Hindu women.

The absurdity of the article leaves me puzzled. But I presume it a creation of an anamic mind incapable of proper functioning.

These intellectually dishonest, who have their stomachs full and have decent home and life, need to stop the absurdity of generalization, hate mongering and help all others in the country to get at least get two square meals and healthy life - more than 80% of them being Hindus(if this categorization helps understanding)

Obviously muslim bashing is much easier than to solve problems of humanity. Also, it requires too much hard work to feed people or propogate a just society. Also it won't serve selfish motives or political agenda.

Anonymous said...

Deepak, I agree with you Some cuurent traitors are Lalu, Mulayam, Arjun singh, Prakash Karat. the day every Hindu voter realizes who is on their side supporting Hindus, then we can breathe easy.

Anonymous said...

Mr Idiot sir, plz do listen......
Where on earth these Maoists or LTTE or ULFA say that they are killing in the name of God...
They never say coz its not written in their scriptures nor is taught by any priest...
So should we conclude that Muslims are peaceful but not Islam...??
It preaches to kill...??
Since its advent Islamist Tribes(or terrorists would be more appropriate) have killed non-believers... First Jews, Christians and now Hindus.... Who has divided the world into DARUL-e-Islam n Darul-e-haram...??
narsimha Rao?? Modi?? or some any stupid mullah??
One who say Vallabh Bhai patel created pakistan then what for pakistanis worship jinnah??
They should make patel their father of nation.....
N the concept of Jazia??
Exploitation of Hindus in Pak?? Is Hindu-Muslim Unity applicable only where Muslims are outnumbered??
YOU go n read History sir.... U need it badly...

Naim Ahmed said...

Pagal hai ya bewkuf.. Can't really understand.

Anonymous said...

The world and universe and are diverse and beautiful. With your tunnel vision syndrome (Hindu-good and Muslim-bad) you have a convoluted vision and a very very limited view of the beautiful world we all share. The tunnel vision syndrome tramples the beautiful world we live in because you won't even know where you are headed. Poisoned minds leave behind poisoned minds and don't contribute positively to society and world at large. Ponder and Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hindus are themselves traitors example caste system in hindu religious rule book.

Anonymous said...

Hindus are divided because of caste rules in hinduism. If caste rules thrown away from the hindu rule book then all the hindus of the world will unite. And according to the world we hindus are dirty due to style of worshipping.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Would you entertain Mecca to be demolished for a Ram temple? Why then do you love Babri so much? Its built on Ram janmabhumi.. Its a shame we allow Muslims to build mosque here so generously that our Hindu brothers elsewhere in Muslim dominated (there is no Muslim country.. You have just invaded countries) country are not entitled to..

Modi, a terrorist.. not if you are follower of truth but then Muslims have shown they follow Islam which is basically rejecting truth.. what about Sabarmati? Godhra happened because Muslims started it.. In India, all riots begin with Muslim provocation.. Its a pity we don't react to every Muslim audacity and our politicians and media continue to entertain them when Hindus in foreign Muslim dominated countries are oppressed and harrassrd and don't get basic human rights.. Just so you and your misinformed Allah know, Modi has been acquitted.. Vallabbhai helped unite India, you nincompoop.. are you reading history books written by Muslim terrorist.. and tho LTTE is a militant organization, it doesn't fight for Hindu cause unlike Jijadi.. we believe in respecting all religion, pity your religion doesn't allow.. we are much above you in moral values, ethics and virtuousness

JAZ Z said...

Hindu Traitors, good topic - bad analysis. I was expecting some count of treacherous entities, factually betrayed their motherland by selling the secrets of country, from different important union ministries since Independence, like Defense, External Affairs, Finance, Home and Industries. These are among the disclosed. God knows how many more not yet disclosed/caught.
Almost all disloyal were Hindus, since top national secrecy is maintained between higher caste Hindus only. Naturally the betrayer would be the same.

Anonymous said...

drunk ass!

Abhijit said...

My Friend,

I think you have pointed out a perfect topic, where it has been proved throughout history, that "traitors were always there" and "will be there". And Indians are No 1 in this business starting from Ramayana.

Now the second point, there will never be Hindu muslim unity, it is a fake subject till the time muslims over populates in India.

Hindus in their own land will be a minority very soon and they will get inside your homes and hump your family in front of your eyes. So if you think muslims as your brothers, that's a curtain in front till you realise the real picture, and when you do that, you will be dead along with your family.

Possible way out of Hindu Extintion: Every Hindu Family MUST HAVE 5 CHILDRENS till 2040, then only Hindus have a chance of survival provided they have the guts and balls to do what is required for self survival on their own land.

Peace on you Brother, If you are not dead yet!

Ranjan Kumar said...

Very well written except Guru Goving singh jee part...I really believe its Hindu like Jaichand and Jaisingh who are the reason for our bad...Nice article though...

Sant said...

Who is stupid enough to say islam is a peace loving religion?
Foorget Hindu Muslim discussion, the Christian muslim discussion is same, Jews Muslim, Buddhist Muslim.
Whever Muslim are majority or close to majority they have created morbid trouble with the religions there.
While in Hindustan they live peacefully with Christians,Parsis,Buddhist,and many others with equal rights to all.Kindly point out any such Muslim country.
Also please give the contribution of the followers of Muslim faith to either humanity or to their own community. (Pin hole camera or cheques system were just improvements over west and Hindustan)


Guys please don't destroy our nation's unity. It is people like deepak kamat who often forgets that they are able to write all kind of bullshits using android phones because of our freedom fighters. Fighters like Asif Ali,Azad, Maulana Abul Kalam,Ali Inayat and many more. Please don't forget that equal blood is shed by Hindus and Muslims to free one nation INDIA. Dr. APJ Abdul kalam was a Muslim. Tipu sultan was Muslim. Don't insult their memories. Quran,Gita, Bible preaches one thing and one thing only"love". Deepak let this be one nation Rather than various community


Guys please don't destroy our nation's unity. It is people like deepak kamat who often forgets that they are able to write all kind of bullshits using android phones because of our freedom fighters. Fighters like Asif Ali,Azad, Maulana Abul Kalam,Ali Inayat and many more. Please don't forget that equal blood is shed by Hindus and Muslims to free one nation INDIA. Dr. APJ Abdul kalam was a Muslim. Tipu sultan was Muslim. Don't insult their memories. Quran,Gita, Bible preaches one thing and one thing only"love". Deepak let this be one nation Rather than various community

anand virdi said...

But why HINDUS are always resonating 'lost' regime from Mughals n islam.
Actually, it is own caste practice which deters them to think outside square . Square being 'to preacher being BRAHMIN' & others labour for donatibg to revenue or some chipping to pundits in wish or to get what wished. A shortcut to achieve when light of ignorance takes up darker knowkedge...blinded.
So, Honey bee (islamic raiders) ,if i may call, coz resourceful so have weaponary(stibg) you protect whereas HINDUS lived on words of preacher n thus, less doer. Mughals came and loot and return....slowly they extended regime to all then, Hindustan (as now known , coz pakistan, afghanidtan, Khalistaan, hibdustaan..perfect rhyme!).
So, english came in when mughals left..but after english 70% of 'industry of handicrafts' is with mughals coz it has to fone and walk the talk...
Howvever, the reason of firgettibg SIKH contribution to WALL the region from tyranny was always loose in foundation because BRAHMINS or hindus , known by name of GANGGU did same and that was 'selling his words to mughals'.
With time, Sikhs understood Jagjit Singh Chauhan contributed withbthe help in LONDON, to create passport and currency of khalistan(doesnt matter, it got circulatedor not) but TERRORIST as Bhindrwaale taught a lesson to HINDUTVA- creation ofvhindu mitancy called SAFFRON GROUP SHIV SENA , nastered by THACKREY.
Bollywood commercialised scenes as and when inspired by social issues in infia abd again rose SAFFRON . Delhi put punjab on shhot at sight coz saffron with Sikhs was lethal to English(Cambridge drop out Gandhi) in Delhi...
My only humble point is, Dravidians are different from Aryans- South India different from ARYANS in North
Then West is different from Eastern India. Each province is facing problems that conversiins to hinduism iz either forced or practiced.
North in grip of land occupied by China and pakistan, sane is in eadtern india.
Gandhiz repealed ARTICLE 370 Do no one can get settled in per HINDU CONSTITUTION not ISLAMIC .
Jaagte rho...


Unknown said...

Very painful that Hindus continue to betray their own people many Hindus did hate Ghandi too Nehru who took a softer line on Kashmir which continues to burn some say it is curse that Hindus shall always remain divided!!

JAZ Z said...

Very true. Admirable

Anonymous said...

MOHAMMAD ALI JINNAH.... Though he tried to spread Anti Hindu feelings among Muslims in India through Muslim league, most of the Muslims didn't support him. As a result when elections were done in the provinces in 1937, not a single seat was won by Muslim league. Indian national Congress led by Nehru made a massive victory and formed government. This really irritated Jinnah. 
The then Viceroy of India,  Lord Linlingthow when announced India to take part in second world War without consulting with our National leaders, Nehru led Congress leaders resigned and continued their protests. In the following years, due to various protests like Quit India, when most of our leaders including Gandhiji were in jail, Jinnah took advantage of this period and ignited communal feelings where Muslim league had its roots especially in NWFP areas. This lead to the massive gory violence between Hindu and Muslim peoples and then to Indian partition. 
Later Sarojini Naidu quoted,  'had we had at least one Jinnah in Indian side rather  than hundreds of Nehru, India would never have divided'. ............. ................... ........................NOT A SINGLE INDIAN MUSLIM IS GHADDAR WE'RE TRUE INDIANS......Not a single INDAIN Muslim is pakistani supporter.... agar koi support karta hai..... to wo aapki nafrat bhari nigahon se dekhne ki wajah se uske andar aayi zid hoti hai ....... humko to mauqa mila tha mulk se jaaney kaa magar hum iski zameen se lipat gaye they...... aur Hindustan zindabad kaha.....