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FROM SAVARKAR TO MODI: The Unofficial History of Modern Hindu Nationalists

These are the chapters of my forthcoming book which will be released soon. Entries in blog are excerpts from the book.

Chapter – 1: The Original Icons
V.D. Savarkar – For being the first and the foremost political Hindu
Dr. .K. B. Hedgewar –For organizing Hindu nationalists
M.S. Golwalkar – For bringing the Hindu vision in action
Deendayal Upadhyaya – For the ideology of “Integral Humanism”
Ram Swarup – For being India’s only communalist

Chapter -2 Political Hindus
Sardar Vallabhai Patel – For Somnath and saving Bharat from the Nawabs
B. R Ambedkar – For refusing to convert to Islam/Christianity
S. P. Mookherjee – For kickstarting a Hindu political outfit
Atal Behari Vajpayee – For moulding consensus on Hindutva
Lal Krishna Advani – For his rath yatras and Hindu political parlance
Balraj Madhok – For sticking to his position on hardline Hindutva
Bal Thackeray – For being the benign Hindu dictator that he is
Subramaniam Swamy – For his stellar role during emergency and after
Murli Manohar Joshi – For re-saffronising Indian education
Narendra Modi – For being the leading political Hindu of our time

Chapter – 3: The Organizers
1. Balasaheb Deoras – For giving a social thrust to the movement
2. Prof. Rajendra Singh – For being RSS chief when BJP came to power
3. Dattopant Thengadi – For establishing the world’s largest labour front
4. Eknath Ranade – For his act in setting up Vivekananda Rock Memorial
5. H. V. Sheshadri – For being at the helm of RSS in critical moments
6. K.S. Sudarshan – For his efforts to get minorities into the mainstream
7. K. N. Govindacharya – For his ideology and organizational skills
8. Nanaji Deshmukh – For new dimensions in social work
9. Ashok Singhal – For a masculine touch to Hindu religion
10. Ram Gopal – For establishing Hindu Munani

Chapter-4: The Intellectual Renaissance
S. Gurumurthy – For he is better known as the “One-man manifesto”
Arun Shourie – For being India’s best known permanent gadfly
David Frawley – For being the first Vedacharya in US
Dharam Pal – For writing books that challenged the British theories
P. Parameshwaran – For an intellectual dimension to the Sangh parivar
K. R Malkhani – For going hammer and tong against Indira Gandhi
M.V. Kamath –For his entry made Hindu nationalism respectable
Girilal Jain – For softening India’s largest selling newspaper
Devendra Swarup – for his long time Hindu polemics
Tarun Vijay For his almost daily defence of the Saffron position
Francois Gautier - For his crusade to rehabilitate Kashmiri pandits
Devi Muthu – For daring The Hindu (English daily) to change its name
Prafulla Goradia – For being the long-term Editor of BJP Today
Rajeev Sreenivasan – For his blogs are a must-read
Arun Jaitley – For his suave defence in whatever situations
S.L. Bhairappa – For digging Islamic graves
Nirad C Chaudhury – For his dig at the Nehruvian Stalinists
Swapandas Gupta – For his right-wing columns
Chandan Mitra – For the first right wing English daily in India

Chapter5: Science
Dr. Deepak Chopra – For his Ageless Body and Timeless Mind
Dr. Subash Kak – For relating Vedic science to nuclear physics
Dr. N.S. Rajaram – For his debunking Aryan Invasion
Dr. R. Mashelkar – For fighting patent issues
Vandana Shiva – For her environmental dimensions

Chapter-6: Historians
K.S. Lal – For bringing out truth on bloody Islamic conquests of India
Sitaram Goel – For taking on India’s eminent pseudo historians
S.P. Gupta – For bringing out the truth on Ayodhya Temple
P.N. Oak – For stating Taj Mahal is Tejo-Mahal - a Hindu Temple
Koenraad Elst – For his exposing “negationism” in India
Shrikant Talageri – For deciphering the Indus script
Harsh Narain – For a linguistic approach

Chapter-7: Academics
K.M. Munshi – For establishing Bharathiya Vidya Bhawan
Madan Mohan Malaviya: For establishing Benares Hindu University
J.S. Rajput – For heading NCERT during saffron period

Chapter-8: Economists
Jay Dubashi – For giving a saffron twist to economics
M. G. Bokhre – For writing Hindu economics
Anna Hazare – For implementing Swadeshi

Chapter –9: The Religious Defenders
Swami Chinmayananda – For combining spirituality and fiery speeches
Pejawar seer – For breaking conventions to boost the movement
Uma Bharti – For being the the first CM in saffron
Sadhvi Rithambara – For her firebrand speeches in Ayodhya
Acharya Giriraj Kishore – For constantly bringing up issues
Pravin Togadia – For being too provocative

Chapter-10: Spiritual category
Osho Rajneesh – For stating that India is a spiritual vibe
Maharshi Mahesh Yogi – For his hopping Nationalism
Srila Prabhupad – A Semitic version of Hindu nationalism
Sri Sri Ravishankar: For taking nationalism to the upper crest
Mata Amrutananda Mayi – For her hugging spree
Baba Ramdev – For being India’s first Hindu tele-evangelist
Sai Baba – For a heady mix of religion, magic and nationalism
U.G. Krishnamurthy – For the iconoclast gave a new definition
Panduranga Shastri Athavale – For the Swadhyaya movement
Dalai Lama – For acknowledging Hindu roots
Pramukh Swamiji Maharaja - For setting up the world’s largest Temple
Tarun Sagar – For continuing the legacy of Acharya Tulsi
Asaram Bapu - For being politically incorrect

Chapter-11: Hindu Nationalists by default
1. Sanjay Gandhi – for doing what Hindu nationalists only dream of
2. Rajiv Gandhi – for unlocking the Babri structure
3. P .V. Narasimha Rao – for remaining mute to Babri demolition
S Prasannarajan – For consistently exposing Hindu detractors
V.S.Naipaul – For his defence of Ayodhya as a “historical corrective”
George Fernandes – For a Christian to be the convener of NDA
B. Premanand – For the Indian skeptic to uphold Charvaka
Anwar Shaikh – For he is a Muslim to reconvert to Hinduism

Chapter-12: How not to be a Hindu nationalist
Nathuram Godse – For his extreme ideology which led to killing
(2) Satischandra Pandey – For hijacking Indian Airlines
(3) Dara Singh – For an international uproar after Staines killing
(4) Bangaru Laxman – For having his palm greased by Tehelka
(5) Babu Bajrangi – For taking Hindu defence to outrageous proportions

Chapter-13: Hindu wave through entertainment
Ramanand Sagar – For he was the pivot of the Ram wave
(2) B R Chopra – For His Mahabharat intensified Hindu feelings
(3) Manoj Kumar – For being well known as Mr. India
(4) Kavi Pradeep – For his lyrics along nationalist lines
(5) Uncle Pai – For his Amar Chitra Katha series (6)
(6) Anup Jalota – For his bhajans invited underworld threats


Anonymous said...


Shridhar said...

late Sheshadri was academi award winner Kannada writer, vyasa,he edited "Bunch of though" of Guruji.He truned down Sar sanghchalak post due to illhealth and old short sheshadri was Hinduness in action.

You missed another great organiser, Moropant Pinglay.He made VHP an assertive and active Hindu force.after onslaught of Meenakshipuram conversion,through his unique innovation of North to South and East to West Ekatmaka yatra campaign with ganga jal and Bharat mata pujan collected 120 million corpus fund.Poropantji was the man behind Ram janmabhoomi movement,shila pujan,collection of historians to present Hindu case,and last but least Karseva cyclon.

Balasahib Deshpande started Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram which is today second largest ngos in Bharat,next to missionaries money,muscle and service projects power.even critics accepts that Kalyan Ashram not only prevents missinaries onslaught,but underline cause for BJP electorate victories in from Gujrat to Orissa tribal area.

Shridhar Damle

1 south 290 Dillon lane,

Villa park, IL 60181 USA

630 627 2203

Deepak Kamat said...

Thank you Shridar Damle for visiting the site.

Firstly, I have included H V SHeshadri and was considering including Pingale and Balasaheb Deshpande too. THey will be included. Thank you for the info.

If I am right, you are the co-author of the book -- Brotherhood in Saffron. Is it not?

dharma said...

The "Spiritual Category" is not complete without (1) Kanchi Paramacharya - for His tapas, purity, knowledge, and above all-His teachings. (2) Swami Dayananda Saraswati - for upholding Hindu Dharma through His untiring service to humanity, and for maintaining the great unbroken tradition of Vedanta through His Gurukulams and Disciples. worldwide.

Deepak Kamat said...

Dharma, you are right. I will include them to.

Vineet said...

A good effort. However, I am very much surprised to see Tilak, Shri Arobindo & Jadunath Sarkar missing from the list

Deepak Kamat said...

Tilak and Aurobindo were prior to Savarkar. They will be mentioned in the introduction. Besides, Sarkar was a historian and not much of Hindu. Of course, he and Mazumdar will be mentioned in the passing.

Anonymous said...

Dear,I think you have missed Bhai Permanand ji who was a writer and hindu mover and president of Hindu Mahasabha and fast friend of Saverkerji ,an Arya Samaji,a great orater for awaking Hindus.He was direct descendent,grand-grand son of Bhai Mati Das who was sawed live to death at Chandni-chonk in Delhi by Aurangzebs order before Guru Teg Bahadur's myrtedom.
2. Sh V.Sunderam and Arvind Lavkere are also crusader writers for Hindutva. You are requested to consider Swami Shradhanand also who brought back to home of Hinduism many many muslims thru his movement of shudhikarn for which he was murdered by muslims.
3.First brave writer for hindu cause was Babu Rao Patel of Mother India, my first inspirator,when no body was writing for hindus.
Plz. also write a book on Hindu-Drohees of India.

Shridhar said...

you are right about my co do not forget Dr B K Moonje.He defended Lokmanya Tilak against attackers during Surat congress.He strongly condemned Lucknow pact of 1916.after Mopla riot,fearless Moonje travelled Kerala,collected facts and figures of muslim atrocities and prepared report.when Veer Savarkar was in Ratnagiri with restrictions, Dr Moonje advocated militarisation of Hindus in the central assmbly. He founded the Bhonsle Military school for Hindu youth.He was Hindu Maha sabha president.

ashwani said...

In musicians Mr.Vishnu Digamber who recited vendematram in spite of so much resistance from Ali brothers and dhimmi congressys. 2nd Pt. Onkar nath Thakur who used to apeal openly to Hindus to join RSS in those days. He refused to take even Rs1. less, as fees,from AIR performance.

ashwani said...


He refused to take even Rs1.less
THAN Bere Gulam Ali Khan in AIR whome our secular govt.wanted to place higher.

Deepak Kamat said...

Well, In reality my intention was to update the position on Hindu nationalism. Obviously there are far too many who contributed to the Hindu cause. I can't mention all of them. That is why I preferred Savarkar as a watershed because he was the first (famous personality) to advocate a truly Hindu polity. All the rest that have been mentioned in the post will be mentioned in my introductory chapter which will cover Hindu nationalists from Raja Dahir upto Savarkar.

ashwani said...

Oh1 Deepak Kamath ji. I dreamt the same subject to write in my studentship in the higher college.But thank God Nature has selected a more apropriate person for this.I certainly would have been failure to do this in forcfull way. Destiny has choosen you,i give you congratulations.May God whome I have stoped to believe in because He always ditched Hindus in comparison of barbaric communities like xtians,muslims, and communists,give you a goodhealth and long life to do the justice to
Hindu Fighters or hindutvawadis,whome our present p-secs. has thrown away on one or the other protest in the marginalised area. These hindu fighters tolerated many rebuffs from thier own persons.
My salutes to you.My dream is going to be completed.I thank God,with whome I am annoyed very much. I am toomuch agreived on the continued murders or attacks on Malayali hinduites by communists in Kerala.


I think the history of Hindu drohees is also a good book to consider.

THe titles would be on the same line:
History of Hindu Traitors
From Jai Chand to Manishankar Aiyar?
Yes, I will certainly consider writing that after I complete this one.

Anonymous said...

dear all,
I dodnt know what detail that book has gOt. But i can say all chuthiyas Kamath has made great. Kamath is safron minded idiology, so of corse he migth has praised safron people. Chuthiya chuthiya ko pehechantha hai.


To the above anonymous,

I don't praise. I only analyse.

anil n munna said...

Nice list , picking 100 must be a difficult task for u it seems @deepak

anyway , whats ur religion ? .. haha .. dont worry i can see it in ur words :P keep cool man !, now dont make mess on this to prove it again and again @anonymous

anand said...

what about swami Vivekanand?


Swami Vivekananda, Aurobindo and Dayananda Saraswati are inspirations. Definitely, they will be included.

narace said...

hi , i heard their are lots of temples over constructed to mosques? is it true? and do we know them? during ayodhya ram mandir , what was found proof of it being the ram mandir, and wer can i see those in it?

Anonymous said...

Kamathji namaskar

When will u think the book will be out.

Can we file a complaint/ suits in any honorable Courts against media for wrong reporting about any thing concerning Hindus like attacks on Christians, on Saints etc. Pl. advice. If yes i would like to Join

anil n munna said...
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Ranjan Agrawal said...

Dear Kamat Ji,

Why have you not considered Mahatma Gandhi in this list? He was a great Hindu who declared that "I love Islam because i am a Hindu". Gandhi ji not only preached Hinduism his lived Hinduism.

Ranjan Agrawal

Venu said...

On including great Hindus, the list would be endless because there are innumerable great Hindus. However you must consider the great Madhavji, late senior Sangha pracharak of Kerala, who worked on the temple front and laid a solid foundation for the revival of temple tantrik science with his organizational and scholastic work in Kshetra Samrakshana Samiti.

Ranjan Agrawal said...

Dear Kamat ji,

I am dying to see the detailed contents of this book.
When will this work be available on book selves? Do you have a proposed lauch date for this work?

Ranjan Agrawal

Tarun Agrawal said...

Lord Shiva has told Me that His team is Hindus, Buddhists, China, Russia, Muslims, Sikhs, and Jains. His enemies are Christians and Jews. There is no way to repair this. Build your alliances accordingly.

Tarun Agrawal
W'91, WG'98

Anonymous said...

Please don't forget the producer/director of Bollywood who
created the Ramayan, Mahabharat & Krishna series who brought these
ancient epics to everyone's home &
popularise them and Hindu culture.
I think Ramanand Sagar deserves the highest award for his wonderful
television series on the epics and educating the masses on Hindu religion.
Shive Prakash

Anonymous said...

This book is now complete and is now available at

Anonymous said...

List of all anti nationals. Fuck them all.

Anonymous said...

Excellent book.. Deepak Kamat.. you are great :)